Week 9 & 10: Peer Feedback


This week, we were asked to mark other blogs and provide formative feedback. I was given feedback from the following peers:

Gemma Clarke

Stacey McLaren

Overall, I was satisfied with the feedback provided by my peers. I agreed with Stacey’s points with regards to grammatical errors and provide discussions on learning theories in every blog post. On the other hand, Gemma felt that my blog layout was too simple, boring, and hard to follow. When I was developing my blog, I decided to keep the design simple and minimal. Understanding that each reader has their own personal taste, I was happy to embrace Gemma’s opinion and reconsider my blog layout. Based on my peers’ feedback, I made a few changes to my blog. Firstly, I reviewed all my blog posts for grammatical errors and revised to include discussions around learning theories. In addition, I chose a different blog design and customised a colour scheme to suit.

I really enjoyed my journey of creating and writing my first blog on a subject that is relevant to the use of this particular tool. Through each week’s learning, I discovered and learnt new software that I had never heard of and realised the impacts of technology use in our daily life. I look forward to implementing my learnings and developing digital pedagogies when I start my new career as an educator.


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